The Royal Improphonic Orchestra and Theatre (RIOT) consists of 6 improv actors and 3 musicians. Presented below!


Katrijn Van Bouwel

Katrijn is Diva-in-residence. Always at hand to play the B1tch, the Slut, the Truckster, or eve the Pop Start, the Little Girl or - why not - the Jobless Philosopher. One wonders where she gets the inspiration.

In her spare time Katrijn writes novels & columns. She also eats chocoloates.

Joris Vander poorten

Joris has sensitive fingers that move strings. Guitar strings that is. Or double bass strings.

A musical veteran of (among others) the Rocky Horror Show, Joris evokes mood & melody. And every now and then a ripping guitar solo.

Joris' face may look familiar: in a previous life he did something with stock market quotes on TV.

Koen Mertens

Koen is our jazz cat who like to hit it. Not the actors but his drums. Straight, suffled or swung.

When the stage is too small for a full size drum kit, Koen produces moods and sound by means of little, erm, doo-dahs. Which produce sound. And moods. Especially moods.

Koen keeps Belgian strong ale industry afloat.

Koen Thewissen

Koen is rock solid. Figure of speech, but also literally since his family produces concrete. Koen is Limburger & Cosmopolitan all in one human body. And mind. It shows in the characters he likes to play: the world's nationalities are on tap. Be it that a small preference for ex-USSR types cannot be denied.

Koen has a certain something with strange girl's names. Reinogilde and such. Weird, indeed, but otherwise painless. So we've been told.

Kristien Lindemans

Don't be fooled by Kristien's preference for doozy characters, because this young lady can equally surprise you with a vamp that would make Greta Garbo blush. If needed a singing vamp, inventing lyrics on the spot in iambic pentameter. In rhyme.

Kristien has issues with speling and gramar.

Kristof Jakiela

Kristof is our audience's darling. Even though his eyes tend to radiate madness from time to time. He will be present as mad scientist, whisle blower, meerkat, you name it, but rarely as himself.

If you meet him in real life, do not hesitate to initiate conversations about pirogie, makowiec, nalewka or saƂatka z kartofli. But do steer away from kapusta.

Kristof's scenes usually start in foul wheather.

Sarah Manhaeve

Sarah is our happy-go-lucky girl. With a nightingale's voice. Which is not surprising given she has a degree in audiological sciences. What more could we wish for? On scene she might become an empress. Or a Chinese cook serving dog meat. To name a few.

Sarah's biggest fan - equally our biggest fan - is her dad.

Tom Tollenaere

Tom has improv in his fingertips - literally! Notwithstanding an academic career in a long lost past, he cannot read sheet music but his fingers have a life of their own on the keyboard. When it comes to improv he has been known to preach & share.

Tom has a penchant for extravert cars, but today he makes do with a break. To haul the keyboard. And his kids.

Vincent Van Nieuwenhuyze

The word 'flamboyant' was created to describe Vincent. Same holds for lovable and charming. His own go-to term is #fancyasfuck though. Be it that a fairy-in-the-woods sometimes applies equally well.

Vincents stands on stage like puss in boots, with a booming voice.

Vincent is singlehandedly responsible for guaranteeing European cosmetics industry's R&D budget.